Covid-19 Important Information

All retailers at Rolleston Square are open to the Public under Alert Level 2 regulations.

Please refer to each particular retailer’s website or social media for updates.


If you are visiting Rolleston Square here are our expectations:

  • Face Coverings / Masks
    Face Coverings (Masks) are now mandatory (for anyone over 12 years) when inside any retail businesses, we also recommend that you continue to wear your mask whilst walking around Rolleston Square.

  • Scanning
    Please scan the QR code at each retailer you visit and also in the public restrooms.

  • Sanitiser
    Sanitiser is provided at various places around Rolleston Square, please use this provided sanitiser or your own regularly.

  • Social Distancing
    Observe social distancing of 2 metres or more from people not in your bubble.

  • If you are sick
    Do not visit if you are sick or feeling unwell. Stay at home and contact your healthcare professional.

  • Expect Queues
    Be prepared to queue for a period as stores will be limiting occupancy. Observe the queuing markers. 


Welcome Back! We look forward to welcoming you back to Rolleston Square.