Pita Pit


Ph: 022 699 5546


During his time overseas, Kiwi Chris Henderson became a regular customer at his local Pita Pit in Mammoth, California where he was working as a ski instructor.


Chris gained such a passion for Pita Pit that he decided to visit the Head Office in Ontario.


Together with his friend and business partner, Duane Dalton, they backed themselves that Kiwis and Aussies would share the same enthusiasm and embrace the fresh, healthy idea and so signed up and began development to bring Pita Pit back down under with them.


We love healthy, natural, fresh ingredients and funnily enough, so does your body.


When it comes to the body, controlling what you put into it makes it a lot easier to control what you get out of it.


So a fresh, healthy, tasty Pita Pit with exactly what you want, how you want it, is pretty much the best way in the world to do your body a favour.


And there’s one handy to you right now. So what are you waiting for?