Eastern Drycleaners & Tailors – Rolleston

Est 1955 Eastern Drycleaners & Tailors

Ph: (03) 379 4600
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At Eastern, we uphold rigorous quality control standards, guaranteeing the utmost care for your garments. Our meticulously crafted methods and procedures are designed to enhance the appearance of your clothes and extend their lifespan significantly.

We never compromise the quality of our service. Every item is carefully inspected for thorough stain removal, dry cleaned, pressed and hand packed.

All shirts and general laundry (including bed linen and tablecloths etc.) are cleaned using the highest quality cleaning solutions and softeners.


Eastern Drycleaning &Tailors Rolleston makes the Tailoring, Alterations and Repair process easy. For any standard alteration, no booking is required – pop in and see us today. For Bridal, Custom, Suit Fitting, Group Fittings or After-hours alterations you can schedule an appointment below. For added convenience, we also offer corporate appointments to accommodate our clients’ busy schedules.