About us

Rolleston Square is the shopping plaza at the heart of Rolleston and the Selwyn District, the fastest growing district in New Zealand. more »

For a top shopping experience, Rolleston Square has stores offering an outstanding range of fashion, giftware, flowers and bakery goods while onsite hospitality outlets include cafés, restaurants and fast food outlets.

You can pick up a bargain at The Warehouse, drop off your dry cleaning, buy a house, and do your banking – all at Rolleston Square shopping plaza in Selwyn District, Canterbury.

A medical centre, chemist, hair salon and barber shop complete the full range of services available and you will always find a car park easily.

The shopping plaza is situated in Rolleston on Rolleston Drive and Masefield Drive near State Highway One and just 22 kilometres south-west of Central Christchurch, making it just as convenient for travellers as it is for locals come and see us here.

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